Jerrod Wins BIG at Farmington

by Robert Cortum - Jerrod Hull Motorsports

Jerrod Hull and crew chief Scott Bonar have been teamed up many times over their storied careers.  However, one victory has always seemed to elude this dynamic team, until Saturday, April 25, 2009.  As the team mourned the loss of one of their biggest fans and friends, Bud Taeger, they did what they felt was right to honor Bud and go racing.  The venue, St. Francois County Raceway in Farmington, Missouri, a place where Hull and Bonar had never visited victory lane together at.  The team would honor Bud’s passing by sweeping the night’s sprint car events, taking victory in the Heat Race, the Dash Event, and the Feature Event.

As Hull, who was under the weather and at times had trouble speaking at a normal volume, stood in victory lane flanked by his team proclaimed, “This team lost a good friend this past week and I just want to dedicate this win to our good friend Bud Taeger.  We raced with Bud quite a bit over the years and made an impact to many people on this team.”

While Hull has had victories over the past few years at the familiar Missouri sprint car hotspot, this was Bonar’s first victory at the facility in over 10 years.  The last time Bonar had enjoyed victory lane was with Ron Standridge at the wheel of the late Rich DeReu’s #50 car.

“We had a few extra hands in the pits tonight helping out.  I need to thank Nick Breuer and Andy Huston and his crew for coming down and giving us a hand.  One of my long time biggest fans and supporters Dan Webb and his wife were here lending support and my brother Chris was here as well.  It’s good to be surrounded by great people and to do as well as we did just show that their efforts are valuable.”

Hull started his #12 Hoosier shod Maxim in the 2nd row of his heat race.  Hull rocketed to the point position within the first 4 circuits of the red Missouri clay.  He would go on to start on the pole of the night’s Dash Event and set sail to the victory over the fastest cars of the night, placing him on the pole position for the night’s Feature Event. 

Once the green flag dropped, Keith Burch would take the point of the race into the first corner, but Hull quickly regained the top spot midway between turns 2 and 3.  The Sikeston, Missouri native would build upon his distance over Burch as the laps clicked off until Hull’s nose wing malfunctioned and lay on the chassis, negating proper use.  As lapped traffic was approaching, the malfunctioned nose wing would not stop Hull’s charge, but gave Burch time to close in on the leader.

At the midway point of the event, a tangle between Joey Montgomery and AJ Bruns would bring out the caution flag, allowing Burch to gain valuable car lengths on Hull.  Once the field was underway again, Burch would attempt many aggressive moves to reel in Hull, but found himself out of contention after slapping the wall hard in turn 4.  This would allow Jimmy Hurley to be in the runner-up spot with just a few laps left and many lapped cars between him and Hull on the restart.  At the checkered flag, Hull would take home the hardware, 6 car lengths over Hurley.

“Without major support this year, we need wins like tonight’s to keep going,” stated the current SFCR point’s leader.  “It sounds cliché, but we have to take this season one week at a time and leave everything out on the track while preserving our equipment, not an easy task.  We made some off season changes to our equipment and I really feel that it is helping to make a difference.  We brought back Maxim Chassis, and included DMI, Champion Racing Oil XP, HRP wings, Lee Steering, and K&N Filters to our Product Support program.”

Currently, Hull and crew are planning on attending the ASCS event at Granite City on May 2nd, and then back to Farmington on Saturday for another dose of SFCR action.  The following week’s plan is still up in the air but are leaning heavy to the IRA event at 34 Raceway Burlington, Iowa on Friday and the Midwest All Star opener at Lawrenceburg, Indiana.